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Bright P-12 College Parents & Friends Group
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Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends group works as a sub-committee of Bright P-12 College and contributes to the wellbeing and profile of the College Community.

Bright P-12 College Parents and Friends group connects your family to our college community. P&F maintains an electronic data base which updates members about class events, programs, concerts, social events, fundraising and current school policies and practices.

P&F coordinates fundraising for the benefit of the college community and provides access to funds through an annual wish list process.

The P&F Foundation, established in 2012, supports families and staff who are experiencing financial difficulties and provides an anonymous avenue for access to financial support. The P&F Foundation is a discreet and private option for those who are in genuine need and experiencing difficulties meeting their life and or educational expenses. Applications to funds should be directed to the Assistant Principal.

The Parents and Friends group meets twice each term in week 2 and week 6; in the college library at 7:00pm on Tuesday evenings. To read the minutes from the latest Parents & Friends Meeting, please click  on the link: Parents and Friends Minutes 31st May 2016

For more information please read the PF Charter 2016 or email us: .

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