BYO Computer Device


Bring Your Own Computer Device is also known as BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device):

At Bright P-12 College we are very well equipped with computer devices, meeting a ratio of better than 1:1 in the Secondary and close to 1:1 in the Primary.

To help achieve this, in 2012 Bright P12 College introduced two netbook programs to provide Secondary students with individual computers – one for Years 9-12 which provides free use of netbooks funded by the (now non-existent) National Secondary Schools Computer Fund ( or NSSCF) and the other in which the College leases school owned netbooks to Years 7-8 students.
As many will be aware, the Federal Government has ceased to provide funding for the NSSCF and the machines purchased with this funding will be coming to the end of their life by the end of 2015 – therefore the College has looked at how best to approach the provision of computers into the future.

After much consultation and discussion, Bright P-12 College believes the best course of action it can follow for the future is to introduce what is commonly called ‘Bring Your Own Device’ for Secondary students – an approach in which students provide their own computer device for use at school. This is the way most Government and Private schools are heading if they have not already made the change.

The thinking behind this is that a computer device is just a modern addition to the equipment students need to provide for their education – the same as text books, exercise books, personal protective equipment and so on.

In 2016, ALL Secondary students will be expected to bring their own computer device to school however, in 2015 we will be permitting three options for students:

1. Lease a school owned Netbook if in Year 7 or 8 ($100/annum plus $100 Bond).
2. Borrow a school owned Netbook if in Years 9 to 12 as currently offered. ( $100 Bond)
3. Bring Your Own Device Years 7 to 12.

With both options 1 and 2, the College will continue to provide a maintenance/repair service ( at minimal charge to students) for the duration of 2015 and students will be required to sign an agreement of care and use for the Netbooks.
Under Option 3, the College will not provide maintenance or repair to Bring Your Own Devices – that service is normally offered by the supplier of the device under warranty and insurance provisions (more on this can be found on the FAQ-BYOD page).

Any student who does Bring Their Own Device in 2015 will need to register their device with the college technicians ( Room 18) so that they can be granted access to the college internet service and network. Departmental software, such as that which is currently installed on the school netbooks and includes a version of Microsoft Office and Antivirus, can be installed by the college technicians if required.

While the College is not mandating which device a student may bring to school, there are some basic requirements that must be met, these are;

Processor must at least be a latest generation Celeron processor (n2920 or greater  i3, i5 or i7 is fine)
The device must have at least 4GB RAM
The HDD must be at least 128GB
The Battery must last at least 6 hours
The device must have a physical keyboard
The screen must be at least 11.6”
The device must have a carry bag
The devices must be running either Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro (NOT Windows 8 RT)  or Apple OSX.

The College also highly recommends that when choosing a device, Parents/Guardians look carefully at the warranty and damage insurance offered, paying careful attention to ‘on-site’ vs ‘return to base’ warranties, the length of warranty offered and if the battery is covered by the warranty. ‘On site’ warranty is a repair service where the supplier performs warranty repairs here in Bright or the supplier arranges delivery to a repair centre if they do not have a local technician. ‘Return to base’ warranty requires the purchaser to send the device to the supplier for warranty repairs – usually at the purchasers’ cost.
When looking at insurance, check the excess (some increase in the last year of coverage) and what is actually covered.

For Parents and Guardians who require assistance and/or advice on which device to purchase, the College has made available two Parent Purchase Portals which offer a number of devices (some preselected) plus a range of warranty, insurance and purchase options to suit individual needs. Purchases made through the Portals are not purchases from the College but are instead made directly to the suppliers who will be Education Department approved. You do not have to purchase a device from the Portals or those suppliers – you may find your own supplier but please observe the specifications above.
Neither the Department of Education or the College insure student owned devices for theft or damage at school and it remains incumbent upon the student to take adequate care of their device ( which includes for example,  keeping it locked in their locker when not in the students direct possession and, being taken home each day after school).

In conclusion, the College advises Parents and Guardians that from 2016, all Secondary students will be required to Bring Their Own Computer Device. Students/Parents will have the choice in 2015 of either Bringing Their Own Device or accessing a school owned netbook under the Lease or NSSCF programs. BYO Devices can be purchased independently or via the Parent Purchase Portal.

Should you have any questions regarding this, they can be forwarded to Tim Webber at the college: There is also a page on the College website which provides this information (FAQ-BYOD) and answers frequently asked questions.