• Do all students have to bring their own computer to school?
            • All Secondary students should have their own laptop.  If the family cannot afford a laptop please contact the school to speak about alternative arrangements.

        Can students charge their computer devices at school?

            • No, charging student owned devices is not permitted at school. This is due to OH&S issue of laptop charging cords on classroom floors.  Students should be careful if purchasing their own device to ensure the battery life of the device is sufficient to last a full day’s use.

        Can students bring any type of computer device to school ?

            • NO, the computer device must have the following minimum specifications:
              Processor must at least be a latest generation Celeron processor (n2920 or greater  i3, i5 or i7 is fine)
              The device must have at least 4GB RAM
              The HDD must be at least 128GB
              The Battery must last at least 6 hours of full use
              The device must have a physical keyboard
              The screen must be at least 11.6”
              The device must have a carry bag
              The device must have wireless connectivity
              The devices must be running either Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro (NOT Windows 8 RT) Windows 10  or Apple OSX 10.8 or newer.

        Where can students get repairs done if needed?

            • As a guide, if the device has been purchased with ‘on site warranty’, the student contacts the supplier who will organise repairs to be made (most likely here at the college by the suppliers’ own technicians).
            • As a guide, if the device has been purchased with ‘return to base warranty’, the student contacts the supplier who will direct them to send the laptop (courier or post) back to the supplier – it will be repaired and then returned to the student.
            • The school technicians cannot fix any hardware issue with laptops, but may give advice on repairs.

        If a computer device is being repaired, will students have access to another school computer?

            • The college maintains small number of loan computers for students to borrow if their own device is being repaired. These devices will be for day loan only.

        Do students need internet access at home?

            • It is highly recommended that students have access to the internet at home in order to undertake online research and access other online resources. Most mobile phones can be set up to provide wireless computer access to the internet.

        What if the student can’t afford to purchase a computer device?

            • Most suppliers usually offer a variety of purchase plans including spreading the purchase cost over a number of years if required as well as offering a range of devices at various prices.
            • Students facing financial hardship should advise the college.

        Who will provide the software for the student computers?

            • Most computer devices are sold with basic software however, the Education Department provides free software for students to use – this includes a version of Microsoft Office and can be installed by the college technicians if required.

        Can students load their textbooks onto their computer devices?

            • Yes, if the textbooks is sold with a CD version, it can be loaded onto their computer. Students are advised to respect copyright and only load digital textbooks if they have purchased the license to do so.
            • Some books can be purchased as electronic versions via sites such as Amazon.

        Can students have whatever software and files they like loaded onto their computers?

            • The college does not monitor what students store or access on their computers but students will not be permitted to view or distribute inappropriate material whilst at school or under the charge of the College. Students will be required to sign an agreement to this effect and will have their devices confiscated for parent collection if they do not respect the agreement.
            • Whilst the College will offer guidelines, it is for parents to ensure their children are fully aware of any laws regarding the viewing, sharing and distribution of computer data and files.

        Do students need to tell the college if they are Bringing Their Own Device

            • YES, students need to register their device with the college technicians in order that they can have access to the school internet and network.

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