Purchase Portals are web addresses where you can find and purchase Computer Devices on-line.  You do not have to purchase a device via the portal and therefore might also like to undertake independent checks of other sites to see what they offer ( but please refer to the specifications below).


LWT  ( Learning With Technologies) list all devices they sell but you can apply filters to find devices which meet the specifications :




Processor must at least be a latest generation Celeron processor (n2920 or greater  i3, i5 or i7 is fine)
The device must have at least 4GB RAM
The HDD must be at least 128GB
The Battery must last at least 6 hours of full use
The device must have a physical keyboard
The screen must be at least 11.6”
The device must have a carry bag
The device must have wireless connectivity
The devices must be running either Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro (NOT Windows 8 RT) Windows 10  or Apple OSX 10.8 or newer.