All students are expected to attend normal school days at Bright P-12 College in full school uniform. There are both Summer and Winter uniforms and uniform for Physical Education. The college does run a Uniform Shop where items of uniform can be purchased. .

As part of the college’s SunSmart policy, all students are expected to wear a Navy Blue school uniform bucket or wide brimmed hat during First and Fourth Terms.

Under certain circumstances students may be permitted to attend school or a school excursion out of uniform. These include:

1. Excursions where students have been given written permission from the college to attend out of uniform. Under such circumstances, students are still expected to dress appropriately and suitably for the excursion and as advised by the college.

2. Casual Dress Days as organised by the college.

The college understands that ocassionally students may not be able to dress in full uniform. Students who are unable to attend school in full uniform are required to provide a note from their parent or guardian explaining the reasons.

Our uniform policy can be viewed here: Bright P-12 College Council Policy Uniform 2017

Students entering Year 7 in 2016 may be eligible to recieve a Year 7 Uniform Pack through the State School’s Relief Fund. Please read the flyer below for further details:

State school relief A4 Year 7 uniform Parents Factsheet V2