Camps & Excursions

Every year,  the college runs a large number of camps and excursions.

Students wishing to go on camps or excursions are required to return the necessary Permission Forms, with signed Parental/Guardian consent, by the date indicated on the form, together with any payment required. Students who do not return signed Permission Forms and payments will not be permitted to go on the camp or excursion.

For minor excursions in and around Bright, a Township Excursion Form is all that is required. This is completed annually and must be signed by a Parent or Guardian.

Additionally, all students must have completed a current yearly Medical Form and will not be permitted to go on any camp or excursion without this having been done.

Camp and Excursion Forms are usually distributed to students by the organising teacher however, duplicates can be obtained from the Front Office if required.

Medical Forms and Township Excursion forms are available from the Front Office.

Questions in relation to a specific camp or excursion should be addressed to the organising teacher whose name appears on the Permission Form. Please use our Voicemail facility to contact a specific teacher.

General questions in relation to camps and excursions can be made to the Front Office staff.