Wellbeing, Counselling and Support

Bright P-12 College provides a comprehensive, integrated and inclusive framework for responding to the needs of students and families.  Emphasis is placed on preventive strategies and approaches within a safe and supportive whole school environment that promotes positive learning and behavioural outcomes for students.  Working closely with families and personnel both within and outside the College, establishing strong community links and responding in a timely and considered manner are the foundations of our wellbeing approach.  All staff members have a key role to play in supporting positive wellbeing outcomes for students.

The Student Wellbeing Team at Bright P-12 College provides a professional service to students and their families, which enhances the personal, social and educational development of students. The emphasis is on the development and nurturing of a strong and positive relationship between staff and students and the provision of an environment where all students and staff feel safe and secure.

The Student Wellbeing Team consists of the following personnel:

  • Kellie Jacobsen, Assistant Principal,
  • Mark Betheras, Student Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Kim Lancaster, Student Support Officer
  • Scott Ramsdell, Visiting Psychologist
  • Matt Taylor, Visiting Adolescent Counsellor
  • Rosemary Bunge, Secondary School Nurse
  • Year Coordinators in both primary and secondary years

Services include:

  • Counselling
  • Psychological and educational assessment
  • Referrals to external agencies and community support networks
  • Spiritual support
  • Specialist services including speech pathology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy


These services complement a range of support options and student well-being initiatives provided within the College to cater for individual differences and needs.


Student referrals can be made by staff and parents. Alternatively, students can self-refer, and are encouraged to personally contact a member of the Student Wellbeing Team to arrange an appointment and access appropriate support.  Parent contact is welcomed and appointments can be made by contacting the College on 5755 1166

Bright P-12 Student Engagement Policy