At Bright P12 we are very well equipped with computers and other information and communication technologies. Each of our Primary classrooms has its own set of netbook computers as well as access to larger shared class sets of notebook and netbook computers. The ratio of computers to students in the Primary section of the college is higher than 1:2.

In 2012, the college introduced ‘take home’ netbook computers across the Secondary section of the college to give every Secondary Student the opportunity to access computer technology 24/7.

For students in Year 9 to Year 12, these ‘take home’ netbooks are currently provided free of charge. Students who do not wish to have ‘take home’ netbook are able to access ‘day use’ netbooks from the college library.

For students in Year 7 to Year 8, ‘take home’ netbooks are available for a small lease  of $150/annum. Students who do not wish to lease are able to access ‘day use’ netbooks from the college library.

Any student wishing to obtain a ‘take home’ netbook can obtain the required application forms from the front office.

Students are not permitted to provide their own computer devices for use at school.


Questions relating to Netbook programs and other ICT matters can be directed to the eLearning Leader: Tim Webber



The college maintains a significant number of desktop computers located around the college in the Design Pod, the VCE Centre, the Library and the Computer Lab.

Interactive White Boards are in all Primary classrooms as well as most of our Secondary classrooms.

The college also boasts a PolyCom facility used for teaching and conferencing over large distances.


NetBook Q&A

How do I access my School mail.

Access your school mail by going to

Use your student ID and your internet password when asked.


I cannot access the internet at home.