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After extensive research into best practice middle school programs around the state, we introduced a Year 9 program which focuses strongly on authentic learning experiences and community connections. Meanwhile, the introduction of a blended Year 10 program with VCE will better prepare students for VCE, VCE-Vocational Major or an equivalent senior secondary pathway.

 At Year 9, the program goals are to:
• Provide learning opportunities that encourage deep engagement with learning
• Provide a curriculum structure that supports greater links with the community
• Provide a curriculum structure that develops strong relationships between staff, students and the College
• Provide a strong experiential (learning by doing) approach


The Year 9 program includes:
• English
• Maths
• Core Humanities: History and Geography
• Core Science
• LOTE- Languages - Japanese, German or Aboriginal Languages
• Physical Education
• Two electives per semester with a choice of;

By Year 10, students have begun to focus more clearly on areas of particular interest to them and by the end of Year 10 students are generally clearer about the pathways they wish to take in VCE. A work experience program is built into the curriculum offering 1 week of vocational training which is prepared in Year 9.  The Year 10 Learning Program at Bright P-12 College allows students to explore personal interests and develop skills, knowledge and understanding in increasingly sophisticated ways and provides opportunities for students to continue sequential development of learning that they have undertaken in Year 9.

The Year 10 program includes:

In Year 10 students choose 5 electives: 
*Students selecting a language may select it this for one or two semesters (students should speak to their teachers about their language pathway)
**Students selecting a Unit 1&2 onsite VET subject must select it for both semesters (so this counts as 2 electives)
***Students selecting a Unit 1&2 offsite VET subject must select it for both semesters (they will complete this subject on Wednesdays and will have one period less of every Year 10 subject, therefore this choice does not count as one of their electives)

Furthermore, all Year 10 students undertake one week of work experience in the middle of Year 10, with the option of a second week of work experience to be completed in the middle of Year 11. The college encourages all students to take advantage of this valuable opportunity and find a placement which may be helpful for their future employment choices.  The following website has a specific section, dedicated to Work Experience in our local area:

Bright P-12 College aims to provide a balanced curriculum for all students with the opportunity to pursue various pathways. Students’ individual learning needs are met within the classroom through the teacher negotiating appropriate changes to the curriculum and where necessary students work from an individualised Education Learning Plan (ELP) to build skills or extend high achieving students.

Guidelines have been developed to respond to exceptional circumstances where a parent requests a structural change to the student’s learning program. The guiding principles of balance, flexibility, academic rigour, consultation and practicality will underpin decisions relating to modifying a student’s learning program. The individual student’s needs and best interests are balanced by the College’s ability to resource and maintain an appropriate learning environment.

Our Highest


  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Birdfeeder  - Yr 9 Metalwork

    Birdfeeder - Yr 9 Metalwork

  • Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

    Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Major Works  - Yr 9 Art

    Major Works - Yr 9 Art

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