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The P-6 curriculum is designed to focus on individual learning needs of all students. Bright P-12 College prides itself on its ability to understand the level of each student’s learning needs and differentiate classes to provide a meaningful learning experience.


The Literacy program in Prep-Year 6 covers Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. The students work individually, paired, in small groups or in whole class situations and teachers use a variety of teaching approaches, including computer programs. There is a strong emphasis on letter/word recognition, spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension.

Reading Recovery 

Reading Recovery is an early Literacy intervention program that provides specialist one to one teaching for Year 1 students who require additional support with reading and writing. Within the Reading Recovery program, each student’s regular classroom instruction is supplemented with a 30-minute daily lesson individually designed to meet his or her Literacy needs. In each lesson a trained Reading Recovery teacher works with the student on tasks that aim to develop the effective strategies that are used by independent readers and writers. The series of lessons usually runs for 12-20 weeks.


The Mathematics program in Prep-Year 6 covers Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability.

Students are provided with a differentiated program that allows them to develop, revise and extend their skills according to the Victorian Curriculum expectations. Learning takes place through the students’ involvement in a variety of activities and experiences, both concrete and abstract, undertaken in the classroom. Knowledge of concepts is reinforced through games and computer programs, including Mathletics, and a mixture of whole class, small group and individual learning situations.


Prep-Year 6 students are given the opportunity to explore the exciting world of art and develop skills associated with the language of visual arts through the use of mixed media, techniques, composition and an understanding of the basic elements of line, colour, tone, shape and texture. Mastering these skills will improve the students’ confidence in visually creating and communicating their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Lessons cover a wide range of topics and.  Students are required to wear an art smock.

Health / Physical Education

The students have two periods a week of Physical Education. One of these sessions is scheduled in our school stadium to ensure that Physical Education can continue regardless of the weather. The students develop a range of fine and gross motor skills and game strategies. In Health, students learn about the importance of diet and exercise and discuss factors that influence our sense of well-being and self-worth.


The students participate in a music class for one period a week. Our specialist music teacher develops an appreciation and enjoyment of music through practical performing experiences, singing, listening and movement including dance. Students are given the opportunity to join the Prep-Year 2 or Years 3-6 Choirs and College Band. Instrumental and voice lessons are also on offer. A variety of instrumental options are available to experience, including guitar, piano, drums, brass and wood wind.

Languages (Japanese) 

In these classes, Prep–6 students learn how to speak and write Japanese. They do this by learning songs, playing games and general interaction with our specialist Japanese teachers and language assistants. Students in P-2 study one period of language with the language teacher and language assistant and an additional 2 periods of language immersion with the language teacher, language assistant and their classroom teachers.


Each Prep-Year 6 class has one period a week scheduled in the Library with their classroom teacher. During this time they undertake a library program designed for the students to learn how to locate books in the library, how the library can assist them in their learning as well as an opportunity to undertake different ‘book studies’. The students are able to use the library on designated lunchtimes.  Parents and students are also encouraged to visit the library before and after school.

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  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Birdfeeder  - Yr 9 Metalwork

    Birdfeeder - Yr 9 Metalwork

  • Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

    Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Major Works  - Yr 9 Art

    Major Works - Yr 9 Art

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