The college supports the ‘It’s not OK to be Away’ program and encourages families to support students in attending school everyday. Students are expected to attend school between 8.55am and 3.20 pm. They need to attend regularly to reach their learning potential. More than 10 days unexplained absence in a semester can lead to failure.

Please make yourself familiar with the 2015 Secondary late to class process, we appreciate family support in getting students to school on time – Process for late to class – secondary doc


Parents are asked to phone the college when a student is absent. Alternatively, the student can present a note to the Homegroup Teacher or advise the school via email or absentee notice via the Skoolbag App.


8:55 – Music starts: P-6 students can enter building. 7-12 students to get ready for class
9:00 – Period 1
9:50 – Period 2
10:40 – RECESS
11:05 – Period 3
11:55 – Period 4
12:45 – LUNCH
1:40 – Period 5
2:30 – Period 6