Use of ICT, Mobile Phones and other devices

All students are expected to use Information and Communication Technologies responsibly and with consideration for the wellbeing of themselves and others. Bright P12 College asks all Secondary Students and their parents to read and sign their understanding of the college’s Acceptable Use Agreement for the Ultranet, the Internet and Digital Technologies. This is available from the front office in the main administration building.

Students are requested not to bring mobile phone devices to school. Phone devices which are brought to school should be switched off and not used. Students who do use phones at school or on school excursions without explicit teacher permisson will have their phone confiscated, to be collected at the end of the day or excursion. Similarly, students should not bring MP3 players, iPods or other such devices to school. Personal use of such items in class or on excursions will result in confiscation.

Any student needing to contact a parent or guardian can do so with teacher permission at the front office or through a teacher when on excursion.